Offshore Wind Energy: Deepening EU-Japan Cooperation | Online Workshop | 26th & 28th April 2021

Deploying renewable energy massively will be key to achieve the 2050 goal of climate neutrality shared by the EU and Japan. In both regions, offshore wind is seen as one of the renewable sources with the highest growth potential. The European Commission estimates that 30% of electricity demand in Europe could be covered by offshore

EU-Japan Roundtable | Kyoto Protocol, Paris Agreement and beyond: the EU and Japan towards carbon neutrality in 2050 | 8th December 2020

During this conference livestreamed from Doshisha University in Kyoto, in the birth city of the Kyoto Protocol, speakers from Europe and Japan will illustrate what the Paris Agreement has changed for them and their organizations. They will also explore together the path towards net zero emission in 2050, through the examples of public policies, business initiatives, youth engagement, science and international cooperation.

EU-Japan Webinar | 2020: Raising the ambition for climate | 19th October 2020

In this webinar, the European Commission and the Ministry of Environment of Japan will introduce the latest developments in their ambitions and efforts for climate action. Two businesses, L’Oréal from Europe and Ricoh from Japan, will illustrate how the Paris Agreement and the NDCs set by governments are key towards shifting business activities in sectors such as cosmetics and electronics.